AtomSlots Launches All New Resource Center For Online Slot Machines

February 17 16:30 2015

Atom Slots
AtomSlots is expected to be a real game changer in the online casino industry, launching a website that identifies and recommends the best online slot machines for users to enjoy.

In the intricate world of online casinos, many people could be led astray by scam companies. The difficulty for many gamers in telling the difference between reputable outlets and those simply designed to drain people’s money. A reliable source of information and recommendations is long overdue. As such, the brains behind AtomSlots launched their new website to fill that gap. Now, they aim to provide people with the best and most up to date information on online slot machines. aims to become one of the most reliable sources of accurate online gaming information, beginners’ tips and advice on casino games. The site aims to assume the position of a trusted mentor, both for new players who are just starting out their casino journey, as well and pros in need of professional advice to sharpen their game. provides mobile friendly technology, including a user-friendly, responsive and ultra-intuitive interface with no compromise whatsoever on PC, tablet or mobile. is already expected to become the true leader amongst online casino and online slots information sources, thanks to their team of experienced professionals. They perform extensive research in this particular domain, uncovering inside information and valuable data from the online gaming industry. 

They give vital information including welcome bonuses and payout values for at-a-glance assessment before getting in depth with long form reviews.

A spokesperson for AtomSlots explained, “ aims to be more than a reviews website – we aim to become a community. All players from around the world can now rely on our services as being 100% transparent, 100% reliable and 100% qualitative. All information that goes through our filter is thoroughly researched and approved by our online casino specialists. They then who post these reviews and articles to present valuable and verified data from which gamblers can make informed gaming decisions.”

About Atom Slots: aims for the highest standards in the niche world of online gambling games. Their trajectory is clear and their focus is on transparency, innovation and professionalism. They aim to be the largest and most trustworthy source of online slots information. promises to deliver what the world of online gaming has been waiting for: researched and verified information on online slots and more.

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