Integrity Home Pro Highlights “Aging in Place” Remodeling Trends

February 17 06:20 2015
Integrity Home Pro offers some insights into “aging in place” remodeling.

As people grow older and less physically able, it is not uncommon for them to downsize their homes, opting for condos, small houses, or perhaps even assisted living facilities. More and more, however, homeowners are choosing to stay put, preferring to preserve their comfort, independence, and dignity by remaining in their house for as long as possible. To help make this a reality, and to address the possibilities of physical infirmity, they customize their homes to make them safer and easier to move around in—a phenomenon known as “aging in place” remodeling. In a new statement to the press, Integrity Home Pro highlights this burgeoning field.

“Many of the homeowners we have worked with really love their homes—the layout, the location, and the memories associated with them,” comments Danny Peterson, founder of Integrity Home Pro. “They’d like to stay in their homes even as they get a little older, but need to make certain they can move around freely and safely.”

Aging in place is trending all over the country. One recent news article refers to aging in place as “a term used in the remodeling business that refers to making a home comfortable and usable for a lifetime as mobility becomes restricted.” It notes that aging in place remodeling can encompass structural renovations that might make a home more accommodating to wheelchairs, walkers, and other medical equipment.

Peterson notes that aging-in-place remodeling comes in many forms. “Some homeowners need elevators installed, and some need major bathroom renovations to ensure they can easily and safely get in and out of the shower or tub,” he says.

Not all aging in place remodeling is so drastic; in some instances, it has more to do with routine maintenance. “Part of aging in place remodeling means ensuring your home is taken care of and requires little maintenance from you,” Peterson affirms. “Having new siding installed and the roof replaced, sooner rather than later, means you don’t have to worry about it down the road.

Concludes Peterson, “We are more than happy to provide consultations for any homeowner looking to plan for the future—whatever that might look like.”

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Integrity Home Pro is a home improvement and remodeling company based in Baltimore and serving the surrounding area. The company was founded by Danny Peterson, with the mission of being a positive alternative to other, less-than-reputable remodeling companies. Since its founding, Integrity Home Pro has made a name for itself on the basis of its transparency, its peerless warranties, its exceptional customer service, and its strict adherence to the Golden Rule.

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