Parallel Universe .Black Spearheads a New Progressive Movement

October 19 22:18 2017

Manassas, VA – Race relations have always been tumultuous in the United States. Even though slavery no longer takes place, that does not mean that everything is entirely equitable among blacks and whites. Unfortunately, even after a couple hundred years, Americans are still living in a prejudiced society. It can be difficult for people of color to be comfortable in their own skin and be proud of who they are when the world keeps dragging them down and treating them unfairly. Fortunately, organizations like Parallel Universe .Black are working tirelessly to change that.

Parallel Universe .Black aims to empower those who feel disenfranchised by an oppressive society by encouraging them to own their blackness. This organization is promoting a New American Movement in which positivity and individuality are celebrated, and prejudice and discrimination are not tolerated. They provide forums for communication and comradery and they also have a line of clothing that lets people proclaim loudly and proudly who they are stating “Thank Goodness I’m Black”. The group promotes the sharing of ideas that will lead to a more harmonious, progressive society.

However, Parallel Universe .Black isn’t exclusively for people of color. It is for all who wish to create a positive world. Many participants have spoken highly of the organization’s dedication to making the world a better place and how its programs have greatly impacted their lives in a positive way.

Being confident and proud of one’s self is the first step to living a happy and fruitful life. If people aren’t comfortable with who they are, then they can’t be expected to be able to live life to the fullest. Unfortunately, black people tend to be at a disadvantage in this endeavor because of the travesties of colonialism that have kept white people in power for centuries. Organizations like Parallel Universe .Black help to make up for lost time and make a more even playing field among races. It all starts with the way that each individual person looks at themselves.

It will take time, but many people have hope that race will one day be used solely to celebrate people’s differences rather than as a tool for discrimination. This will only happen through a conscious effort made through people and organizations with ideals and mission statements like those of Parallel Universe .Black. People will make change in the world, and it will start with each person looking at themselves and knowing that they are enough just the way they are.

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