Nimble Real Estate Launched a Competitive Development in Western Zhaoqing 敏捷地产“点燃”肇庆城西楼市 筑造匠心精品

September 11 23:08 2017
Nimble Real Estate, a developer with 19 years experience in real estate industry, has recently launched a new development named Nimble Western City …


Nimble Real Estate, a developer with 19 years experience in real estate industry, has recently launched a new development named Nimble Western City Center in the western Zhaoqing, following the developments of Splendid Property Rhine Paradise, Sihui Splendid Palm Garden and Zhaoqing Minjie City. It has been welcomed by buyers with its superior quality.


Figure is the most immediate way to demonstrate how good the product is. The turnover of Guangdong Real Estate market has been slowing as the tight control to the real estate policy at the beginning of this year, however, there are more than 400 potential buyers registering the expressions of interest at the date of Nimble Western City Center opening. So far, it has exceeded 600 registrations. These amazing figures come from the accurate product position in the early stage, the on-line and off-line promotion and perfect coordination of channels.


On one hand, full consideration for living requirement of each dweller has been made in the planning and design of Nimble Western City Center, which consists of 3-4 bedroom apartments ranging from 93-129 square meters, with practical layout and reasonable living and resting partition. Even the typology with floor area of 93 square meters is created to be an apartment containing 3 bedrooms and one living room and one dining room, with sufficient sun access and superior view of the garden. The considerable gardening presents sufficient public open space and opportunities of leisure life in the garden. Nimble Western City Center has been the first choice to many rigid demanders like upgraders and newlyweds due to its creative design in typology and gardening.

其次,地理位置的优越性为敏捷•西城都荟日后带来巨大增值空间。它所在区域叠加了肇庆未来最核心的城市发展红利,所处的城西板块现阶段拥有成熟配套,随着人们生活需求的提升,以及城市规划发展步伐的前迈,城西板块更已 具备进入城市功能更新“高速通道”的条件。敏捷•西城都荟多业态的产品线,在一定程度上给予了城西市民改善生活环境、办公环境或营商模式提供了新的契机。

On the other hand, the prime location of this development will add value to the property in Nimble Western City Center. It enjoys the benefits from the future development of Zhaoqing and the current complete amenities of western city area. With the promotion of living demands and the development of urban plan, this area has possessed full conditions of upgrading the city function. Meanwhile, different product types in Nimble Western City Center provide people in the western Zhaoqing an opportunity to improve their living environment, working surroundings and business mode.


Nimble has successfully launched 70-over developments under its brands of “Splendid” and “Nimble” by persisting to the concept of “Build a dream home, Make a better life”. Tan Bingzhao, president of Nimble, said that following the development of Zhaoqing Minjie City, Nimble Real Estate would carry on developing in Zhaoqing in 2017 to create a fine environment for living, business and investment for Zhaoqing people by launching Nimble Western City Center with the development standard of brand “Nimble”.

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