Marijuana-diet Launches Exnature, a Cannabis Formulation that Benefits the Whole Human Body

December 03 14:36 2019
Marijuana-diet Launches Exnature, a Cannabis Formulation that Benefits the Whole Human Body

December 3, 2019 – Cannabis derived CBD oil has shown remarkable properties in addressing a range of health issues. One company is thus on a mission to offer people better health, wellbeing and life, all through cannabis-based products that are meant for individual requirements. Marijuana-diet, part of the reputed Watford LLC conglomerate, is growing fast to offer newer, better and more refined cannabis-based health products, such as the oral extract, Exnature.

The Exnature oral extract is 100% pure, vegetable-based product infused with whole plant extracts, whole grains and the purest natural cannabinoids. The presence of CBD oil gives it multiple properties to fights against human illnesses and maladies. The product is also free from animal derived ingredients, and is free from artificial colors, sugar corn, dairy products and other harmful ingredients.

Exnature has been created to address a wide range of human maladies. It is meant to increase energy and metabolism, improve the cardiovascular performance, and reduce fatigue. The product is intended to stabilize the mental state, prevent building of stress, and also address neuroses and nervous disorders.  The other benefits of CBD oil infused product include cleansing the body, keeping the GI tract healthy, improving skin condition and producing a rejuvenating effect on the entire system.

Apart from cannabis oil, Exnature carries the goodness of many other natural and organic ingredients. These include terpenes like myrcene and limonene, hemp wax, alkanes, nitrogen compounds, amino acids, aldehydes, ketones, flavonoids, glycosides, vitamins, etc. The presence of other pigments, water and natural molecules make it an amazing natural formulation.

The production process of Exnature also makes it unique. The formulation recipe is strictly adhered to under very high quality processes, such as use of non-toxic carbon-dioxide extraction methods. The process is the cleanest possible treatment known today, and less harmful than those that use butane or propane.

The benefits of Exnature are therapeutic and greater than those produced by any one single compound. The formulation as a whole, combining CBD oil with other organic elements, is thus superior and intended to benefit the whole human body.

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