Musee du Louvre hosts exclusive art exchange night for 50 VIPs

November 07 08:36 2019
L.A.T. International Holdings Group arranges meeting between centuries-old goddesses from East and West

On September 30, 2019, Taiwanese organizer L.A.T. International Holdings Group held the Oriental cultural event “Dream of the Red Chamber” as the main exhibition at the Denon and Richelieu wings of the Musée du Louvre Museum, inviting 50 VIP participants.

Vivian Huang, the founder of Lyon Court, showed the Mazu god clothes presenting the evolution of Taiwanese traditional hand-embroidering and customized clothes.

The highlight was the 400-year-old of Hsin Kang Feng Tian Temple for chairman He Da-Huang and Consultant of Hsiao Hsu-Chih. The Mazu god clothes presented an exquisite work of traditional Taiwanese folk embroidery and was displayed together with the world-famous 516-year-old painting La Joconde(Mona Lisa). The guests agreed that this was a meeting between the goddesses of East and West.

The entire event was funded by the L.A.T. International Holdings Group. Coordinating various internationally-renowned experts from Taiwan—including performers, models, entrepreneurs, local craftsmen, fashion artists, the AR Technology team, etc.—to produce the show in 90 days, was a challenge. The host, recruited at considerable expense, was world-renowned performer Ariel Wizman.

Invited guests included Christian Mantei, president of Atout France; French sinologist Marianne Bastid-Bruguière, fellow of the Academie Francaise and president of the School of Politics and Humanities; the Chief Editor of French fashion periodical Luxe Magazine; designer Corine Moreau; film director Pascal Bourdiaux; Eric Dailey, director of the French luxury brand Le Tanneur, and his wife; and Chen Xiang, general manager of the People’s Daily French Media Center.

In order to thank L.A.T. International Holdings Group founder Huang Yun-Ting(Vivian Huang) for sponsoring the event, the Taiwan AR team used technology to combine her smiling face with that of the La Joconde(Mona Lisa). Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal in the luxurious Michelin-starred Café Mollien in the Denon wing, the only place to have a meal in the Musée du Louvre. 

Vivian Huang, the founder of Lyon Court, took the photo with the VIPs. 

The Musée du Louvre also proudly displayed the world-famous La Joconde(Mona Lisa), the Landing of Marie dé Medici at Marseilles, the Vénus de Milo, Victoire de Samothrace, L’Amour et Psyché, and La Liberté guidant le peuple. In addition to the Mazu god clothes, it also presented the Oriental imagery of the Chinese classics Dream of the Red Chamber and Along the River During the Qingming Festival, and paid tribute to the famous pyramid of Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei. A number of pioneering works of Taiwanese art were on display this night, arousing emotions, and adding a beautiful memory to the story of art without borders.

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