Blockchain + Entity, Damas SCO Digital Asset Exchange guides the new direction of industry development

November 07 08:03 2019

Recently, the Libra coin published by FACEBOOK in the United States put forward an imaginative space for the future of world finance. On the afternoon of October 24th, China’s blockchain industry triggered the attention of the world’s people. General Secretary Xi proposed to use the blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies. Blockchain should empower the development and transformation of major industries.

As we all know, the digital asset exchange encryption world is currently the largest profit center. So all kinds of licensed or unlicensed exchanges have sprung up, but the cruel competition has never been smooth. Therefore, relying on candy to suck powder, relying on the delivery of coins to retain people, because there is no exchange of their own unique innovative model, and ultimately can not go on. The Damas SCO Exchange proposes an innovative mindset and provides a direct redemption process for the country’s legal currency and digital currency. The Damas International ATM card can be directly cashed out or POS on UnionPay ATMs in 168 countries. Consumption is the first channel to truly break through virtual finance and real-world assets.

Therefore, the Damas Digital Asset Exchange, which is invested by Damas Holdings Group, advocates that investors should return to rational investment and learn to judge the future prospects and trends of the exchange. Of course, the exchange should also use the innovative blockchain financial model. The technology of blockchain empowers traditional entities to finance financial institutions, provide legal and reasonable new financial thinking for entities, and truly leverage the value of emerging finance to serve the real economy.

The Damas Digital Asset Exchange first proposed the global SCO encryption digital asset financial architecture, which has created a huge investment new field. At the same time, it has also received the attention of the world financial institutions, and has received the support of the Estonian national government and obtained the Estonian national blockchain. Financial license (number: FVR001112) and electronic wallet license (number: FRK001002) dual license. You can check our license through the official website of Estonia: This will be the integration of the EU and international finance for the Damas Digital Asset Exchange. In 2019, Damas International Group was the first to complete the global bank docking, so that all the currencies of the platform can be directly used for cash withdrawal and consumption through the Damas International ATM card, realizing currency card intercommunication and Kaka interchange. The purpose of global access.

So what do Damas SCO Exchange have for all the coins? First, let’s take a look at what SCO is. SCO is the abbreviation of Security Coin Offer. This is a product that requires all the currencies to have security-guaranteed securitization attributes. Or the entity as a guarantee to help investors reduce the risk of being cheated under the current unregulated conditions in the world. Damas SCO aims to make digital currency public offerings under a legal and regulatory regulatory framework, and to innovate in the blockchain digital technology, closely monitor, regularly review the currency projects, and with Lloyds Bank of England Signed a $20 billion break-up insurance to protect the Damas platform from breaking. This is still a precedent at the current digital asset exchange.

Therefore, the development prospects and planning of the Damas SCO Digital Asset Exchange market is also a focus of attention of all investors. At present, due to industry uncertainty and policy risks, general digital asset exchanges cannot make annual plans, and Damas Exchange has put forward its own action plan for the future because it is under the supervision of a legally compliant financial institution:

In December 2019, the 3.0 version of the Damas Exchange ( was officially launched. The self-issued HUA, GPF, GPT and the upcoming high-quality AHBT and BQY currencies will also delight investors. If mad, investors can also trade more than 300 mainstream currencies on the exchange. The Damas Control Group plans to help 600 entities in three years, issue high-quality currencies, and become a world-renowned exchange for two years. In short, the Damas SCO Exchange aims to help SMEs solve low-cost financing problems. which is:

1. Security – Become a digital asset exchange that people trust.

2. The diversity of trading products – can meet people’s needs for different tokens.

3. The quality of the new tokens issued is regularly reviewed.

As the world’s leading digital asset investment platform, Damas Digital Asset Exchange provides users with 24/7 platform customer service by constructing a secure, open and innovative P2P financial exchange platform to realize the free flow of global assets and legal currency. Allowing users to achieve cross-border accessibility investment, allowing truly high-quality companies to issue distinctive tokens to help SMEs solve financing problems, Damas SCO Digital Asset Exchange has provided a new vane for industry development.

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