Amazing App Assisting Veterans In Healing Launch For Veterans Day

November 09 05:55 2018

Official release of an App that addresses the mind healing process of our Veterans and their loved ones is being released on Veterans Day.

The App is based on Universal Laws and addresses the “Life Lessons” that is associated with any emotional event that has been experienced. The App has instructional videos and mediations that shifts the perception and emotions tied to each event. The healing process was discovered by Dr. Mark W. Tong of Healing International, LLC. while working in an alternative cancer clinic he realized that the patients had experienced an emotional event just prior to the first symptom of the cancer.

Using Kinesiology, Dr. Tong could identify the emotional event, discuss with the patient other perceptions of the event (based on their own beliefs), once agreed on the new perception, through meditation, the emotions tied to the event would shift to a positive emotion, bringing the patient to peace. In that peace, they begin to heal.

This Universal process we later tried on those with addictions issues, relationships issues, emotional trauma and identity issues. All of which are issues that our Veterans and their loved ones have to occasionally deal with. Seeing almost immediate “shifts” in patients and clients and realizing the need of millions of Veterans, Dr. Tong systematically automated his ninety-minute process and made it available, free of charge on an App or web-based platform.

A coaching program is also available, once a Veteran, loved one or anyone working with a Veteran sees the almost instant “shift” in the person using this process, many want to proceed with additional healing of their own and then begin to assist others, using this Universal process. Healing International, LLC offer full Grants to Veterans or anyone who would like to assist a Veteran in healing.

About is fully funded by Healing International, LLC a for profit company, whose profits are used to go towards Helping Veterans Heal. Healing International, LLC will be launching the “Corporate Wellness”, App, similar to the Veteran App, but focused more on the negative emotions of the employees, inside and outside of the workplace that will promote wellness and healing, thus lowering their health care costs.

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