First Class All-Inclusive Convenience: Prioritizing Patient Healthcare

October 12 17:10 2018

To avoid superficiality, StarMed has focused on Charlotte Family Care and has delivered a more patient-centric model; one where the patient is recognized as a unique individual with an ability to be a part of his or her own medical treatment. Physicians provide the kind of individualized treatment each patient needs in a friendly, empathetic manner, keeping in mind each patient responds to his or her health care concerns in different ways.

It may come as little surprise to some, but many people are deeply ambivalent about their healthcare experience. Patients expect their healthcare concerns to be top priority when visiting their medical practitioners, and rightly so. The endeavor of patient-centered practice has not always been well defined. Some practices focus on ostentatious display using greeters at the door and fancy amenities like inside waterfalls, to help make patients feel like they’re important and the center of attention. While that may be a lovely gesture and greatly appreciated, patients want to know their healthcare needs are the priority when walking through the door. 

What sets them apart from other primary healthcare facilities is convenience. Patients don’t have to travel from one facility to another for x-rays, lab tests, or other necessary diagnostic tests. This facility is an all-inclusive, first class, medical facility which respects the patients’ health and time. 

It provides several different healthcare modalities under one roof. Preventative care includes annual medical visits, lab work, chest x-rays, as well as electrocardiograms. Patients who have difficult to manage diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, or other conditions, can expect first class treatment from medical practitioners who care about patient’s healthcare management needs. 

Moreover, patients without healthcare insurance are at a greater risk for diseases and early mortality. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, “About 28 million Americans are currently uninsured… A mounting body of evidence indicates that lack of health insurance decreases survival”, (Steffie Woolhandler, MD, MPH; David U. Himmelstein, MD, 2017). 

One of the most impressive things about the facility is that they truly care about the health of their community. Their StarPass Membership Savings Program is an example of their outstanding commitment to providing healthcare for everyone in the community at affordable rates. The monthly subscription information at, includes all services, save prescriptions and medical equipment that might be required. Even the enrollment fee can be paid in three, low-cost installments, taking some of the pressure off patients’ medical issues. 

Patient centered care means quality over quantity. It means putting the patients priority first and foremost while providing the best treatment modalities. Letting patients be a part of their healthcare journey means open communication; it means letting the patient have some say in what treatment(s) they might prefer over what their physician prefers, and that can mean all the difference in a patient’s life emotionally, mentally, as well as physically.

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