LMDating has launched for Chinese Singles with Busy Schedules

October 12 16:55 2018

Toronto, Ontario – LMDating, trusted and reliable dating website, just launched for Asian men and women who have a hectic schedule at work. Although they don’t have enough time to find their ideal match, this Chinese dating website was created with comfort, relevance, and responsiveness in mind.

LMDating is far different compared to other online dating sites out there. It’s not like the popular dating websites, including Bumble, tinder, etc. What makes it unique and special is that users don’t have to swipe once they are successfully registered, and they get contacted by a dating concierge. This means that users don’t have to spend their time finding their compatible single. There’s a professional and reliable dating expert that would do the job for their clients. Everyone is introduced directly via WeChat.

“The first night I traveled to New York City I felt so much distance comparing to where I was from.” Joey Pitt, founder of LMDating, is a young Chinese professional who is looking for love lives as ambitious as his career. LMDating creates the exact unique and special value for Chinese who live in North America and other parts around the globe, instead of users spend endless time swiping and searching in apps like Tinder and Bumble, LMDating introduces you the perfect compatible single at the perfect time. LMDating achieves high-standard, personalized matchmaking by a professional and reliable dating expert instead of the algorithm. In LMDating, users will always feel comfortable, secure and satisfied by talking to their personal dating concierges who are always be there for matching the next unforgettable date.

What Sets Them Apart?

  • Tailored for Chinese women who don’t have a hectic schedule.  “When I created LMDating it really was for my own interests. I just wanted there could be a platform that saves my time and energy for meeting girls. And I believe lots of people would want the same” said Joey Pitt. LMDating is created for those who don’t have time to swipe and read profiles. Of course, not all people can’t spend long hours chatting random profiles. This Chinese dating website was established for them. They have dating experts that are always on the go to help!
  • Easy to use leading to a comfortable experience. “Everybody expects spending their time on dating instead of searching. On the contrary, most dating sites or apps take you to an endless swiping but a real date” said Joey Pitt. Everything is hassle-free in LMDating. Users just have to fill out the form and start chatting with a dating consultant. All Chinese single women need to do is tell what they are looking for. At the end of the day, they can find what they want in a partner.
  • Have full access to profiles. For most common dating websites, users are required to kill long hours to find one of their choices. With LMDating, it won’t be the case. It will be the job of their dating concierge.
  • Get started fast. After successful registration, Chinese women can begin chatting. They will be connected in private to get to know each other. Here, the success rate is more than what other people expect. From 100% satisfaction to compatible partner, the possibilities are endless. Even though singles are at home or in the office, they can find someone to count on for the rest of their lives.

About LMDating:

There is no need to look further when one is searching for an open-minded dating for Asian community with LMDating. It aims to connect people in a more effective way with the use of their signature personal dating concierge service. Since the introduction to the online dating industry, they have helped tens of thousands of singles across the globe. Having a user-centric design, LMDating greatly focuses on customer experience. They have been looking for other ways to make the solution better. Everyone is also assured of complete confidentiality!

For further details about LMDating, please feel free to contact them at 6479799316. They have excellent customer support that’s designed for diverse Chinese singles around the globe!

Media Contact
Company Name: LMDating
Contact Person: Joey Pitt
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Phone: 647-979-9316
Address:20 Richmond St E
City: Toronto
State: ON
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