Hongkong Huaxin International Beauty Company Announces “Super Beautician Competition” Global Start

October 12 16:40 2018

The beauty industry in China is a growth industry with perfect competition. With the rapid development of the Times, the beauty industry in China will move towards a better development prospect with a brand-new posture, a benign transforming development environment, and a vigorous entrepreneurial passion.

The beauty industry creates beauty, serves beauty and leads beauty. There must be no shortage of beauticians. It can even be said that the beauty industry is almost a stage for beauticians. At the moment when China’s beauty industry is booming, Huaxin provides beauticians with a broader stage for their dreams — Super Beautician Competition, so that beauticians can have more opportunities to achieve their dreams and shinning on the stage. Since the first “Super Beautician Competition” was held in 2016, Huaxin has been focused, participated in and supported by people from the beauty industry.

Super Beautician Competition has been held for three consecutive years, which not only makes people in the industry proud, but also gives people from all walks of life greater support and attention to the beauty industry due to the booming development of the beauty industry. This is the biggest encouragement for the beauty industry. Huaxin Super Beautician Competition finals, with professional courses, brand carnival group purchase festival, star concert and other wonderful contents, Huaxin also united with professional media from all over the country to focus on the report, to achieve the dream of beautician star!

As long as you have the passion to reach your dream, you will have the opportunity to shining on the stage of the Super Beautician Competition. Run, then your dream will be glow. Huaxin 2018 Super Beautician Competition, I am waiting for you in Xian to dream. 

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